Shortcut Keys & Other Secrets

The main screen has several shortcut keys. An item on the menubar can be selected by holding down the Alt key and pressing the underlined letter. In addition, you can access the Multi menubar selection by clicking on the raised Motor Configuration panel. A database button can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the capital letter or s for planes. When the focus is in a text box, the + and - keys increment and decrement the value.

Entering data into AMPS will cause the Diameter , Pitch , and Gearing text boxes to "light up." Double-clicking on one of these will calculate the value needed to produce the current you entered. Simarly, entering data into Wing Load will cause the Plane Wt. and Wing Area to "light up." Double-clicking one of these will cause it to be recalculated.

Holding down the right mouse button on a database button "lights up" the text boxes stored in that database. For Planes, the other databases are lit in different colors.

A single click of QuickPrint gets you a printout of most of the data you're looking at.

This Help program can be accessed directly with the F1 key. It is context-sensitive.

When you stray from the main screen, the Esc key will generally take you back to the previous screen.