Using Databases

The databases in ElectriCalc were designed to allow easy updating and free interchange of data with other users. The four databases for cells , motors , props , and planes are all in ASCII format so that they can be edited by any standard text editor (there is no need to as long as youíre using ElectriCalc). The first line of each database is a strange-looking string of characters that some spreadsheet users will recognize as a parsing string. You won't find it in this program and if you edit offline you don't need to mess with it. The second and third lines are the heading, and the others are the actual database entries. Feel free to arrange these data rows in any order that makes sense to you.

MP08.gifAccess one of the databases by simply clicking a database button. Select a different choice by simply clicking the appropriate row. Holding down the right mouse button will show which data are associated with the database. The best way to enter new data in a database is to start with an existing entry that is somewhat similar to what you want. You can edit this data on the main screen and add it to the database by selecting Add on the database screen.

LIST.gifThe List button prints a hard copy of this database. Remember, the actual database files (*.EDB) are readable text files.

SORT.gifThe Sort button allows you to easily sort your data .

SELECTDB.gifClicking the Select button returns you to the main menu with your current selection. You can also double-click a selection. The Esc key returns you without changing the main screen.

ADD.gifThis control enters the appropriate data on the main screen as a new line inserted after the highlighted line. If you modified data, e.g. Rm, on the main screen, you will get a new line that is identical to the line above except for the change(s). You can choose to delete that line or leave it intact.

DELETE.gifClicking the Delete button deletes the highlighted row. This row is saved in the Trashcan where it can be retrieved using Undelete.

UNDELETE.gifThis button gets you a listing of discarded data lines. Select the row you want to retrieve and click Retrieve (or Cancel if you donít want anything). ElectriCalc will stop you from retrieving data from the wrong database.

EDIT.gifData is normally edited on the main screen, but you can also change data or add comments using the Edit button. When you select this, a data window will appear. This mode allows you to edit the highlighted data line. If you select Update, your original line of data is retained, and your edited line is inserted after the original line. If you select Cancel, no new data will be added.