Printing & Saving Results


ElectriCalc allows you to print your setups or save them on your hard drive or floppy for future reference or to pass on to others. You can print up to 5 setups side-by-side to compare the effects of your changes. Select Print from the menubar or use the Alt+P shortcut key. This screen allows you to create printouts of the information you have created on the main screen . You can specify which column to put data in, move and swap columns around, print, save & retrieve this information. It looks complicated, but it's not hard and once you get the hang of it you'll find it really useful. If you want a quick printout of just the plane on the main screen, just select QuickPrint from the menubar or use the Alt+Q shortcut key.

FROM.gifTO.gifThese controls select the source and destination. 1-5 are the five printable columns, new is the data on the main screen, and temp is a hidden column to aid in shuffling data around. Note that when you first enter this screen the From: is set to new and the To: is set to 1.

MOVE.gifSWAP.gifNEW.gifThese buttons control the manipulation of columns. Move moves the From: data to the To: location. If you Move from one column to another, the From: column becomes blank. Swap exchanges the data in the two selected columns [Exception: data from the print menu never gets placed back in the main menu]. CHECK.gif is placed in the new column. This tells ElectriCalc to print this column. You can set and clear these yourself by clicking them. When you print, blank columns are normally not printed (data is left-justified). If you want blank columns, simply click the appropriate CHECK.gif. Clicking New clears all columns of data. Otherwise the data does not go away. It is saved when you leave ElectriCalc and read in when you return, but without any CHECK.gif.

P_PRINT.gifP_FILE.gifBy clicking Print, the description column and all data columns with CHECK.gif will be printed contiguously. To save or retrieve data, click the File button. You can save the data on the print screen to a text file to be retrieved later or archived or shared with others. You will be asked to enter a file name. TXT is the default extension. If you select OK or the Enter key without a filename, ECALC.TXT will be the default. You can retrieve data by clicking File when no column boxes are CHECK.gif. When you exit ElectriCalc, your last print screen is saved and automatically retrieved the next time you run. Note that no boxes are CHECK.gif for retrieved data.

P_RETURN.gifClick Return to return to the main menu. Remember that you don't have to select Print until you've accumulated all the data you want. It doesn't go away.