What is ElectriCalc?

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        View the ElectriCalc Help File

        Backing up ElectriCalc

        Windows 7 Install Help

        Version 2.2B Upgrade

        Upgrade Help

        Motor Constants

        New Data

        ElectriCalc Orders

        ElectriCalc Dealers

  Battery Care

        Charge LiPo & A123 w/NiCad chargers

        Build A123 RX Packs

        Charge & Balance A123 RX Packs

        Monitor & Balance Cells

        Monitor Individual Cells in Flight

        Monitor Remaining RX Pack Capacity

        LiPo Articles (old)

        A123 [LiFePO4] Cells (old)

NOTE: These devices were developed to meet needs during the early use of Lithium cells in our hobby. For most uses there are better and cheaper alternatives that you should consider. If you still have a need for one of these units, we have a limited number available for half the original price.

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