ElectriCalc is the most powerful tool available for electric flight! It is used by thousands of satisfied customers. It was designed to take a lot of the mystery out of choosing the right "stuff" for your electric-powered models. ElectriCalc is user-friendly software that allows you to simulate an electric flight system for your model airplane with a battery pack, electronic speed control, motor, gearbox, and propeller. It requires Windows 95 or newer Microsoft operating system. If you are a MAC user, a PC emulator such as SoftWindows will run ElectriCalc. You can order ElectriCalc from your favorite dealer. The suggested retail price for Version 2.2 is $49.95, but everybody sells it for less than forty bucks! If you already have Version 1 and still haven't upgraded, you'll appreciate the new features and ease of use. You can get an upgrade from us for $10.

If you're not quite convinced that ElectriCalc is the greatest thing since electricity, you can download the ElectriCalc Tutorial that is included with the program. You can also check out the help file on-line to get a feel for what the program can do for you. The help file also includes a recipe for shoo-fly pie, the official food of electric flyers.

(updated 8/31/04)