- handles DeWalt 36V (M1) cells
- handles A123 Systems (M1) cells
- adapts LiPo chargers for M1 cells
- still works with NiCad chargers
- handles up to 10 M1 cells
- handles up to 8 amps


We introduced the LiPoDapter in 2005 for use in charging Lithium Polymer (LiPo) packs. Those of us who had been heavily invested in NiCad and NiMH batteries over the years hated to let those $$$$ NiCad chargers gather dust as we ventured into the brave new LiPo world. LiPoDapter allowed most of these chargers to be used for LiPo without taking away their original function. Our LiPoDapter Tutorial gives a brief overview. The DeWalt 36V cells finally arrived in the summer of 2006, These cells were developed by A123 Systems and are commonly referred to as M1 cells. These cells require a significantly lower charging cutoff than ordinary lithium cells. The LiPoDapter electronics had been redesigned in anticipation of the new cell technology, but no cells were available for software development. As the new code was finally written, other changes were incorporated to enhance LiPoDapter capabilities. We dubbed the enhanced unit LiPoDapter+. We soon tired of typing 'LiPoDapter+' and the unit wass officially named Dapter - fewer syllables, same capabilities. The Dapter has proven extremely popular for charging the new M1 cells. The new unit could charge up to ten M1 or eight LiPo cells. It could handle up to 8 amps to charge 8AH LiPo packs in an hour or M1 packs in less than twenty minutes. Of course, this is limited by your NiCad charger's current and voltage capability. As a point of reference, an Astro 110 Deluxe should provide full capability.

We began to offer an "A123 only" Dapter. This was a tough decision. Since it doesn't do LiPo, it offers less capability than a standard Dapter. Unfortunately, we couldn't charge less because it's the same hardware, plus it requires new software and instructions. The benefit is for those who only use A123 packs and don't like having to hold down the button to engage A123 mode. This has proven to be a very popular choice, substantially outselling the original Dapter. Check out the instructions.
We have decided to discontinue the original Dapter. There are now plenty of cheap LiPo chargers around. If you want an "A123 only" Dapter, order Dapter123.

Dual LiPoDapter We like to fly "40-size" planes that require higher cell counts. This is typically two 10-cell NiCad packs or two 3S LiPo packs. We combined two Dapters on one board and added switches so that we can charge two packs in series (separately monitored). The switches allow either Dapter to be used alone. In our applications (one pack also supplies BEC), one pack always is done before the other. The charger shuts off. We throw a switch and restart the charger, allowing the other pack to finish. Keeping two packs charging on one "old" charger eases the pain of the long LiPo charge times. The Dual Dapter can also charge M1 cells. It is limited to 6 LiPo or 8 M1 cells per side but is rated for up to 8 amps. You can charge two 6-cell M1 packs in twenty minutes with an Astro 112 Deluxe or twenty-five minutes with a 112D.

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Dapter123 charges 2S to 10S M1 packs
one M1 cell for every 2.5 NiCads your charger can handle

Dapter123 typically gives 95% M1 charge
faster charging and longer battery life

Dapter123 charges at up to 8 amps

Dapter123 is only $39.95 including US shipping.
Dual Dapter is only $79.95 including US shipping.
Non-US shipping and handling adds $3.
We can put on Anderson Power Pole ("Sermos") connectors for $2 per pair.

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