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- charge & balance A123 receiver packs

- A123 Systems (LiFePO4) cells

* DeWalt 36V (ANR26650M1A) cells
* B&D VPX (APR18650M1) cells
* generic LiFePO4 cells

- works with NiCad & LiPo chargers


We introduced the Dapter in 2005 for use in charging Lithium Polymer (LiPo) packs. Those of us who had been heavily invested in NiCad and NiMH batteries over the years hated to let those $$$$ NiCad chargers gather dust as we ventured into the brave new LiPo world. A year later we added the capability to charge the new A123 cells. These cells have been widely accepted and have found their way into receiver packs, providing a superior replacement for 5-cell (6V) NiCad and NiMH packs.

We are pleased to introduce the new DapterRx, specifically designed to charge AND balance 2-cell A123 packs. DapterRx uses the same charging technique proven over several years with the original Dapter. This allows charging of A123 cells from NiCad, NiMH, and LiPo chargers. It can even be used with a 12-volt battery with a common automotive bulb in series to limit current. DapterRx monitors the individual cell voltages until either cell reaches 3.7V, and then abruptly disconnects the pack from the charger. After the charger is disconnected, the pack voltage "sags" over the next few minutes, reaching a final value of roughly 3.4V/cell. This is nominally 95% of full capacity If you are charging a receiver pack without a balancing tap, the DapterRx monitors the total pack voltage and cuts off at 7.4V. During and after the charging process, DapterRx continuously works to bring the cells into balance. You can check out the instructions in .pdf format.

DapterRx is only $24.95 including US shipping.
Non-US shipping and handling adds $3.
We can install Anderson Power Pole ("Sermos") connectors for $2.

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