Odds & Ends


The File menubar selection is where you go to backup, restore, or merge database files, view your trashcan file, setup your printer(s), and exit ElectriCalc.

BACKUP.gifYou can back up databases by selecting File from the menubar and then selecting Backup Files. This utility will allow you to backup one or all of the databases at once. The databases are backed up automatically at appropriate times, but you can choose a manual backup at any time. Backup files have extension EBK.

RESTORE.gif You can restore databases by selecting File from the menubar and then selecting Restore Files. This utility will allow you to restore one of the databases or all databases at once from the corresponding .EBK file.

MERGE.gifYou can merge data external to the program by selecting File from the menubar and then selecting Merge Files. This utility will allow you to extract database information from other files. The intended use is to allow the sharing of information with others. Another modeler can give you the information he's collected with his program and this utility will add it to your database. It will not add duplicate information or data that is improperly formatted. The merge function allows you to take a text file (like e-mail) that contains lines of ElectriCalc data, and automatically extract the data and place it at the end of the appropriate database. Use this to get new data from the ElectriCalc web site .

TRASHCAN.gif You can throw out the trash periodically if you're that kind of person.

SETUP.gif Select or configure your printer(s) here.

EXIT.gifIf for some reason you should ever want to quit playing with ElectriCalc and get on with your life, it can be done, You can exit by selecting File from the menubar and then selecting Exit. You can also use the Ctrl+X shortcut key from the main menu, or use the usual Windows clicks.


The Preferences selection on the menubar allows you to choose Metric or English units, and what level of annoying messages you are willing to tolerate.

PREFER.gifElectriCalc will display either English or metric measurements. Props are traditionally in inches in either system. ElectriCalc will warn you if you do things that will cause you to lose data you have entered. If you find these annoying, you can turn them off with ?Changes?. ElectriCalc will prompt you for printer information at appropriate times. You can turn them on or off with ?Printer?.


This is where the Help file can be accessed. This is also where the version number & copyright stuff is located. Our Internet address is also here.

Finally, ElectriCalc is universally called "ecalc" so if you hear or read about ecalc, they're talking about this program.