ElectriCalc Version 2.20 is now available for users of V2.0x and V2.1x. You can download the free upgrade, or order an upgrade on CD for $5 including US shipping if you have slow Internet. It also has a new tutorial that has info about V2.2 enhancements. If you have V1, you can order an upgrade for V1 for ten bucks (free US shipping). After downloading, the installation should proceed automatically. When you run the new ElectriCalc for the first time, your databases will automatically be backed up, and your unique data added to the new databases.
When the install program offers Program Files\SLK Electronics\ecalc2 as the default folder, browse to find your ecalc or ecalc2 folder and select this for installation.

We do not offer evaluation software, but our Tutorial will show you how everything works.