- charge M1 cells with older units
- LiPoDapter, Dual LiPoDapter
- handles up to 8 amps

We have had several inquiries regarding upgrading of older LiPoDapters for use with M1 cells. This can be accomplished with a software upgrade. Unfortunately, the hardware limits the upgrade to 6 LiPo or M1 cells. This is less than the capability of the current LiPoDapter but adequate for many applications. The current Dual LiPoDapter has the same 6-cell limitation.

LiPoDapter upgrade is $10 including US return shipping.
Dual LiPoDapter upgrade is $20 including US return shipping.
Non-US shipping and handling adds $3 to either.

In the US, a 6x9 bubble envelope seems to work well - 2 stamps for LiPoDapter, 3 stamps for Dual. Non-US shipping is at your discretion.
Please include your e-mail address.

SLK Electronics
2906 Charolais Drive
Greensboro, NC 27406

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