Dapter for O.E.M.s

- charge M1 cells from DC power supply
- does not require customer intervention
- specify one or two cell counts up to 12S
- handles up to 8 amps


The Dapter for O.E.M.s is a Dapter specifically for your application. The Dapter is programmed to automatically recognize the specified cell count without customer intervention. The Dapter will work with a DC supply of at least 3.8 volts times the number of series cells. The supply must be current-limited to 8 amps or less. For example, a 24-volt 3-amp supply can charge up to 6S M1 packs in less than an hour. The Dapter comes with two small holes for mounting, and can be ordered without shrink wrap. On quantity orders we can supply different wire lengths/size.

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