Dapter 6/12

- charge 6 or 12 M1 cells
- handles up to 8 amps


The Dapter 6/12 is a modified Dapter specifically for Fast Electric Boats and Giant Scale electric planes. In both these applications, a 12S2P configuration has become quite popular. The Dapter 6/12 is programmed to automatically recognize either 6S or 12S M1 packs and charge without user intervention. A charger such as the Astro 112 Deluxe can charge a 12S2P pack in less than an hour. The 6S setting is useful for chargers that lack the voltage output of a 112.

Dapter 6/12 is only $44.95 including US shipping.
Non-US shipping and handling adds $3.
We can put on Anderson Power Pole ("Sermos") connectors for $2 per pair.

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