I have received a surprising amount of feedback and questions since posting the following article a short time ago. I need to briefly clarify my purpose and methodology before you proceed. My purpose in testing cells is to determine modeling constants for use in ElectriCalc. Manufacturers' data has proven to be generally optimistic or non-existent. I am looking for nominal values, not trying to squeeze the last ounce of performance out of a cell. I charge using Schulze and Astro chargers for NiCad and NiMH. I test while the cells are still warm, but I have no magic charge regimen. I also like to be able to hold the pack in my hand when the test is over without getting burned. My tests are done at no more than 20A. I'm basically testing for the sport flyer, not the all-out competitor. The cells I tested were not zapped. I have tested zapped cells in the past. Although there is a measurable reduction in resistance (typically 1/2 milliohm), I do not think this is worth the added cost for the sport flyer. Finally, I have neither the means nor the desire to do life-cycle testing.